Pipehire: All-in-One HR and Management Cleaning Business Software

The All-in-One tool that helps you with your hiring and management cleaning process.

Pipehire eliminates the repetitive cutting out time-sucking management and reducing day-to-day stress caused by hiring/managing cleaning technicians.

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Their teams and hundreds more are using Pipehire making hiring doable for everyone.
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Why hiring cleaning technicians is so hard?



Hiring and managing employees can be tedious and time-consuming.

Time-consuming/read-through applications.

Manual hiring is costly.


Poor-Quality Applicants

Not enough information on them.

Incomplete applications.

Complicated/long job application forms.


Outdated and tedious hiring practices

Using spreadsheets for hiring and managing employees.

Back and forth communications via email.

Keeping up with employee information.

Modern Cleaning Businesses Need Modern Tools

Pipehire will make the process of hiring, tracking, and managing employees a breeze. Not only that, you'll have all your hiring data in one place, making it easier to organize your work.

Complaint Management

Run Applicant Background Checks

The recruitment process is full of risks.

Run background checks for applicants is very important but time-consuming.

Pipehire makes this easy and efficient. Our integration with Checkr helps our users vetting applicants, allowing them the peace of mind that the business is protected from all angles.

Background Check

Track Employee Attendance

Manually gathering employee attendance records is time-consuming and prone to error.

Pipehire is an easy-to-use system that helps you track your employee's attendance with just a few clicks.

Keeping track of all your employees would not be so hard.

Employee Attendance

Publish Job Offers

We constantly try to improve the employment experience for both applicants and employers.

Pipehire provides a form ready to be distributed to the different job boards.

With just a few clicks, you can post a job offer and start sharing your opening on FB, Indeed and Zip Recruiter

Pipehire Jobs
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Pipehire Vision

We've been in the industry for 16 years.

Pipehire was born out of necessity few years ago to streamline the hiring experience from posting to selecting candidates and managing employees.

We believe in a less stressful hiring/management process that delivers better results and eliminates repetitive work, reducing day-to-day stress caused by recruiting headaches.

With Pipehire you get innovative hiring software built for startups and small businesses. With the support of novel technologies, business organizations can automate all their hiring and management processes in minutes by creating a completely digital hiring workflow.

Hire better people faster by posting job listings to our network, screening candidates, bringing them into interviews, and expanding your team.

It's a lot of work; we have a long way to go, but we're just as excited about it as you are!

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Start hiring better employees with ease